Hollywood strikes again

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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sup everyone, the viceroy here; apparently universal pictures has hired the writer of Training day (awesome movie) David Ayer to write the new version of Scarface…okay first of all theres already 2 versions of the movie right now, one from 1932 starring Paul Muni and the one from 1983 starring Al Pacino. Secondly the 1983 version was an epic movie and undoubtedly one of the best gangster movies …of our time, why would you want to do another one?(besides to put more money in your pocket) This proves my point, “Hollywood” has ran of “Original” ideas and decided..”Hey, lets just do something, thats already been done, and make it seem like it was our idea, and make a shit load of money doing it” If its not broke dont fuckin fix it! Leave the classics alone. In my opinion they’re called a “classic” for a reason, those movies arent meant to re-done, or re-vamped or re-booted. I know its hard for you to understand this but think outside the box

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