Kristen Stewart…the ultimate Akira letdown

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
Sup everyone the Viceroy here; so apparently kristen stewart is in negotiations to play the role of Kei in the live action adaptation of Akira (2013)…Really? I have a hard time taking her seriously in ANY movie after the “Twilight Series”OMG..well at least they have some REAL talent thats gonna be in that movie Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight) and some others such as Keira Knightley(Pirates of the Caribbean) and Garrett Hedlund(Tron:Legacy). 
 apparently Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception) is going to be one of the producers (not sure how i feel about that) But we’ll wait and see how this one turns out. Well at least Katsuhiro Ohtomo ( the writer of the original Akira graphic novel/screen play) is going to be one of the writers of the film, so hopefully they will keep true to the original 1988 Akira film. Im looking foward to the movie, but i cant help but be skeptical about how it will turn out in the end. People know what happens when “Hollywood” turns a comic book into a live action movie, you have good ones (ex. the recent batman movies, x-men and blade, ect.) and you have the bad ones (ex. Green Lantern, Superman Returns, etc.). The original Akira was an epic movie, and my hopes are that hollywood doesnt “murder” it in the remake.
  1. tastykitteh says:

    You just ruined me life! T_T

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