W.W.J.W.S. (What Would John Wayne Say)

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
One of the best and well known western movie stars of the 20th century

I CANT HELP BUT WONDER, if the duke had magically risen from the dead (which I would have no problem with) and witnessed firsthand the “quality” of today’s so-called “movie stars” and movies what would he say or do? I’d hope that he would be pissed about the attitudes and the “habits” of today’s actors and actresses, with their 2 second long marriages, open/frequent drug use and their apparent “God” complex.  John Wayne wasn’t a perfect person, he drank and smoked like most of the people did during that time but he had a lot more class than most today.  I think that he would be disappointed with the movie business today in a whole. When he made a movie it was a quality picture with clever lines and a good story. Nowadays most movies lack substance and every picture has more sex, violence and drug abuse than the last. I lose track of the enormous amounts of movies that get pushed out every month, and more and more I find myself enjoying movies from 20-30 years ago then I do now.

In my mind I picture John Wayne pulling a Arnold Schwarzenegger, last action hero moment and magically walk onto one of the Twilight movies, New Moon for instance and give each of the head line characters a piece of his mind. I would hope it’d go something like this.

John Wayne to Jacob: Stop going after that tease Bella, your 18 years old, go find a job, stop you’re bitching and crying, go have a shot of fire water and find some nice squaw in your tribe…and put a shirt on.

John Wayne to Bella:  What’s your issue? Edward left you…so what? You’re a teenager, you youngens go through 4 relationships a week, what’s the big deal? And what’s with the running around the woods at all hours of the night? If I was your father I’d take you behind the wood shed beat you like a red headed step child.

John Wayne to Edward:  Your how many years old? We have a name for people like you, pedophile. If I were Bella’s father I’d grab my trusty Winchester and hunt you down with a Sheriff’s posse. You think you got it rough? Try going on a cattle run for 6 months and sleeping on the ground in the rain with rattlesnakes and always on the lookout for a Comanche war party. So take off that makeup and grow a pair.

But I digress. John Wayne was a highly respected film icon and role model to generations. He supported and pushed various charities, supported and performed for servicemen, was an actor in 172 movies, supported the government and did a lot more for this country than any current movie star that I can think of and I wish that he was still around.


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