Transformers 4: The Sell out Michael Bay

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Michael Bay

Michael Bay, highly successful Hollywood director/producer mostly known for his hit-action movies such as; Armageddon (1998), Bad Boys 1 & 2 (1995/2003), Pearl Harbor (2001) and most recently the Transformers movie series, has pulled a Brett Favre and  reportedly “changed his mind” about directing the fourth installment of Transformers (big surprise). As a fan of the Transformer cartoon show from the 80’s I was very excited when I heard the news of a live action movie back in 2006-2007, and was not disappointed when I saw it in theatres but of course as many trilogies go (in my opinion) the last two were not as good as the first. Like most movies of the last 10 years directors feel it necessary to take promising action movies and insert un-necessary romance and dumb comedic scenes that would not be missed in any way if they were remove, but of course directors feel like they need to please everyone of all age groups and genders.

To say that I was happy to hear the news of the return of Michael Bay to Transformers would be a severe understatement. I was, let’s just use the word….”pissed”, after 5 minutes of going to my “happy place” I was able to collect myself and write this article.  I would’ve been happy with Transformers: Dark of the Moon as the FINAL chapter of the series and I believe most people who viewed it would agree that Mr. Bay did a decent job of finishing the series off. I applauded when I read that Mr. Bay didn’t want to do another Transformers movie, I thought and still do think that the story is done, he ended it, what else could do with the Transformer series (except have Unicron in the next movie). But as most directors do, he changed his mind, I’m sure you could say there might’ve been a couple reasons why he came back; maybe he really enjoyed doing the movies? Maybe he’s a Transformers enthusiast? Maybe he felt like he owed the fans to do another movie or movies? How about this, maybe he was greedy and wanted to make another few bazillion more dollars for him and Paramount Studios! Does that sound right? I think I’ll go with that reason.

Michael Bay did not give any clue to what the story was going to be for the next installment, but did say that it wasn’t going to be a prequel (I for one wouldn’t mind a prequel), he also said that the producers are delving into the Transformers world for new characters. Well here’s what I have to say to Mr. Bay, be careful with the next movie, try not to make a big shiny flop for the fourth installment, try to use some content or storylines from the comics and past cartoon shows, how about having Unicron in the next one? I’m sure you would have some 40 year old nerds peeing in their pants if you did, and lastly you don’t need to film the next movie in 3-D, it doesn’t make that much of a difference because I enjoyed just as much viewing it at home on DVD WITHOUT a 3-D T.V.


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