The ‘Amazing’ new ‘Spider-Man’ poster

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

The new ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ poster was released today via the ‘web’. With all the recent ‘Super hero’ movies in the works, most notably “The Dark Knight Rises” (which also Is released in July), the Amazing Spider-Man’s promo team haven’t been doing a lot of well promotions… despite the trailers, (all 4 of which show the same scenes but shown in a different order) which in this writers opinion seem to lack a little luster (minus of course the first-person scene of Spider-Man jumping across roof-tops). And it wasn’t until November when there was a leaked concept art image of the Lizard (Rhys Ifans) which looks nothing like the original Lizard from the Spider-Man comics and cartoons, more like a guy in a body suit.

 Today gives new hope to Spider-Man fans with the new poster which seems to be undoubtedly taking a play from the “The Dark Knight Rises” playbook. The poster shows Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) perched between two walls, casting the shadow of the classic arachnid design that is on Spider-Mans costume. The line at the bottom definitely draws ones attention;” The Untold Story”, making me think 1) what are they going to do with the story that hasn’t been done in the last 3 movies? 2) Are they going to explain more about Peter Parkers mother and father and why they left? And lastly how are they going to tie in the ‘Proto- Goblin’ (played by Irrfan Khan) into the story, amongst other questions. As a fellow Spider-Man fan I can honestly say that I am hesitant, nervous and excited to see what the director Marc Webb does with the story and how he can separate it from the past 3 movies that were directed by Sam Raimi.

None the less we all have to wait until July 3rd 2012 for the new Spider-Man to be released to theatres. Until then there is ample time for more trailers, pictures and teaser clips to be released, and for more speculation and questions to be asked. July will definitely be a fight to finish, a battle of the blockbusters between D.C.’s “The Dark Knight Rises” and Marvels/Disney’s “The Amazing Spider-Man.


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