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It has been one of the most asked questions as of late that’s spread across the internet universe, it’s caused fierce arguments between bloggers and Alien movie fans, mass amounts of speculation and caused the breakup of numerous families (not really). The big question in discussion is whether or not Ridley Scott’s new movie Prometheus is a prequel to the first Alien movie or is it the start to an original Sci-Fi movie project? With the new Prometheus trailer released, it in my opinion has not reduced the amount of speculation regarding this film. As of now Ridley Scott has “danced” around the issue of whether or not his new film is a prequel or not, he has said that the movie takes place in the same world as Alien which would make sense namely because of a few clips you see during the trailer; 1) The ship you see in the trailer is the same type (if not the same one) you seen in the first and third Alien movies 2) In one of the scenes you see the skull or helmet of a “Space Jockey”( you also see a corpse of a Space Jockey in the first Alien movie 3) towards the end of the trailer you see the scene of the “Space Jockey Cannon” rising up from the platform (with a possible space jockey standing next to it?). These are a few of the things that I’ve noticed about the trailer and I’m sure since the movie doesn’t release to theaters until June 8th of this year, there will be more pictures and trailers released and there will be even more time for speculation.    

                For now Mr. Scott has done an excellent job of keeping us all mystified and in the dark as well as continually guessing as to what’s going to take place during this movie. There is enough shown during the trailer to catch our attention and to keep our wide eyed and drooling faces inches away from the screen, as we watch the trailer 20 times in slow motion just to catch a glimpse of anything that might give us more information about the upcoming movie. I for one hope that it would be a prequel to Alien, as someone who loves “back story” I would really like to know the answers to a couple of questions I have about the first Alien movie; 1) What caused the ship to land/crash or stay on that planet? 2) What happened to the alien that came out of the dead Space Jockey? 3) Who created the aliens and why were they on the ship? Ridley Scott I have a question that I would like answered; if Prometheus isn’t going to be a prequel would it instead be a start to an entirely new saga? If that is going to be the case I wouldn’t be disappointed if we saw a Xenomorph or two pop up every now and then.  There are so many unknowns regarding this movie so for now my barrage of questions will have to remain unanswered.  So to the readers out there; what are your “chest bursting” thoughts regarding Prometheus?