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It’s common knowledge that throughout the many years of cinema there have always been a few key cities that have been the focal points for filming, whether it be for their tall skyscrapers, picturesque locations, weather, monuments or because of the truck loads of money the city government is willing to pay the film company to shoot there. New York City, Los Angeles. Of course you’ll have the occasional city of town outside of the state of New York or California, such as Seattle, Portland, Chicago and sometimes D.C. that will make the cut and earn the right to have a full-length movie filmed in their city, but more times than not it rarely happens…unfortunately.

In the last 2 years there have been over 40 movies filmed or take place in L.A. not including various T.V. shows. In New York City over 64 have been filmed or have taken place there. I do understand that New York City and L.A. are two of the most recognizable cities in the U.S. but I say we’re in need of a change of scenery. I challenge my readers to find someone not originally from this country and ask them about New York City or L.A., I guarantee they’ll tell you the state it’s in, street names, famous locations/ monuments and maybe where to go to get a good slice of NYC pizza or a hot dog from Pinks in L.A.. Now ask them where Portland is and I think you’ll get a couple blank stares and a confused look or two. That’s the issue with today’s film makers, there’s little to no creativity when it comes to most directors film locations. There have been so many locations in NYC and L.A. that have been over used/ over filmed that I’m sure you couldn’t walk down the street without tripping over a busted up stunt man or running into a “producer” taking location pictures for a future movie.

Imagine what aliens interested in visiting our world would think if they started picking up satellite frequencies from the U.S. and saw movies set in L.A. or NYC and mistook them for real life. They’d think that those cities are filled with zombies, Terminators, giant robots, super heroes and mutant lizards…which maybe is not too far from the truth. My point is there are numerous areas across the country that would; 1) benefit from having films done in their town or city (especially during this bad economy) and 2) have beautiful forests, parks, topographical features and historic buildings that blow NYC and L.A. out of the water. I’d rather have people look at today’s films and see the beauty of our ENTIRE country and not just a couple over-glamorized cities on the coast. So to the directors I say this: when picking a new location to do your new feature film, look a lot farther than your desk, internet or where you live because there’s thousands of possibilities out there, you just got to go and look for them.