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It’s common knowledge that throughout the many years of cinema there have always been a few key cities that have been the focal points for filming, whether it be for their tall skyscrapers, picturesque locations, weather, monuments or because of the truck loads of money the city government is willing to pay the film company to shoot there. New York City, Los Angeles. Of course you’ll have the occasional city of town outside of the state of New York or California, such as Seattle, Portland, Chicago and sometimes D.C. that will make the cut and earn the right to have a full-length movie filmed in their city, but more times than not it rarely happens…unfortunately.

In the last 2 years there have been over 40 movies filmed or take place in L.A. not including various T.V. shows. In New York City over 64 have been filmed or have taken place there. I do understand that New York City and L.A. are two of the most recognizable cities in the U.S. but I say we’re in need of a change of scenery. I challenge my readers to find someone not originally from this country and ask them about New York City or L.A., I guarantee they’ll tell you the state it’s in, street names, famous locations/ monuments and maybe where to go to get a good slice of NYC pizza or a hot dog from Pinks in L.A.. Now ask them where Portland is and I think you’ll get a couple blank stares and a confused look or two. That’s the issue with today’s film makers, there’s little to no creativity when it comes to most directors film locations. There have been so many locations in NYC and L.A. that have been over used/ over filmed that I’m sure you couldn’t walk down the street without tripping over a busted up stunt man or running into a “producer” taking location pictures for a future movie.

Imagine what aliens interested in visiting our world would think if they started picking up satellite frequencies from the U.S. and saw movies set in L.A. or NYC and mistook them for real life. They’d think that those cities are filled with zombies, Terminators, giant robots, super heroes and mutant lizards…which maybe is not too far from the truth. My point is there are numerous areas across the country that would; 1) benefit from having films done in their town or city (especially during this bad economy) and 2) have beautiful forests, parks, topographical features and historic buildings that blow NYC and L.A. out of the water. I’d rather have people look at today’s films and see the beauty of our ENTIRE country and not just a couple over-glamorized cities on the coast. So to the directors I say this: when picking a new location to do your new feature film, look a lot farther than your desk, internet or where you live because there’s thousands of possibilities out there, you just got to go and look for them.


It seems inevitable that we will never escape the ever-growing ‘fad’ of zombie movies, T.V. shows and zombie survival books. I for one cannot complain about some of the movies and T.V. shows that highlight zombies such as “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Walking Dead” and my all time favorite “Shaun of the dead”.  It was nice seeing these movies pop up every now and then, but now it seems that we cannot escape the zombie onslaught that approaches to devour our hopes of originality coming from Hollywood. In 2010-11 there have been over 65 zombie related films released; I know that’s hard to believe but its true…unfortunately. I could not believe how many films about zombies were made within the last two years and those numbers weren’t including the films done in the years before 2010, not to mention there are already a couple of zombie movies in the works for 2012, most notably “World War Z” featuring Brad Pitt. No matter what kind of title you dream up for a zombie movie it always contains the same obvious story and plots and just to prove just that I will give you the synopsis of every zombie movie ever made.

 There will some type of natural disaster, disease outbreak or nuclear war that revives people from the dead or mutates them into flesh-eating undead monsters, there will the hero(es) or survivors that before the zombie disaster were just ordinary people who band together to survive and of course there will be buckets of guts and gore.  Some of these people will survive and some people will die and/or be changed into (you guessed it) zombies! And of course one of my favorite notes about these films is that somehow these “every day Joes and Jane’s” who supposedly have never used a gun or done martial arts before, magically are getting head shots with their dual wielding Desert Eagles  and doing perfect Chuck Norris style round house kicks to zombies faces. I think that description really sums up any zombie movie ever made or being made.

Here is a great idea for a creative or original zombie movie, the movie will follow the life of the zombie from beginning to end, from when they were still human and had families and jobs,  then something happens they get bit or infected someway and the movie follows them while they live their zombie lives until they get killed. That is a simple and pretty original story in my opinion and most likely no one would ever use it because our movie culture is happy with monotony and un-original ideas, they would rather take something that’s already been done several times and put their ‘own’ personal spin on it and once again completing the ever continuous circle of crap. Whatever happened to only seeing zombie movies during Halloween? Have we reached the point of no return where we have to see unending blood and carnage in movies just to enjoy them? Is it possible to have a movie without all the unnecessary violence? I for one hope so. So Hollywood how about you let the zombies take a break for a little while and let them rest in peace for a couple of years.

sup everyone, the viceroy here; apparently universal pictures has hired the writer of Training day (awesome movie) David Ayer to write the new version of Scarface…okay first of all theres already 2 versions of the movie right now, one from 1932 starring Paul Muni and the one from 1983 starring Al Pacino. Secondly the 1983 version was an epic movie and undoubtedly one of the best gangster movies …of our time, why would you want to do another one?(besides to put more money in your pocket) This proves my point, “Hollywood” has ran of “Original” ideas and decided..”Hey, lets just do something, thats already been done, and make it seem like it was our idea, and make a shit load of money doing it” If its not broke dont fuckin fix it! Leave the classics alone. In my opinion they’re called a “classic” for a reason, those movies arent meant to re-done, or re-vamped or re-booted. I know its hard for you to understand this but think outside the box